We are the Aurora Creative Agency, a Sydney based full service events agency. Born out of a passion for creativity, ambitious ideas, lasting relationships and partnering with like minded clients to create epic events and memorable social experiences. 



What's in a name.


There is more to our name than a fancy sounding word. It best embodies our approach and the desired end goal for the sensory rich experiences we create. 

Aurora - n. /ə’rôrə/ A dramatic, fleeting phenomenon, that occurs only when a vast array of elements come together in a precise setting to create something magnificent.  

Know your stuff.

We believe that no two experiences should be the same, from an intimate dinner needing simple styling to international incentives and signature high impact special events.
It all comes down to meticulous planning, dedicated people and a powerful concept.  



Idea is king.


For a fun experience, a fresh approach is good, but a great idea and a powerful concept will leave a long lasting impression on the audience.  

Pocket rocket.

Our core team is small, but that’s because we like it that way. Our depth and breath of knowledge and experience allows us to take a fluid and integrated approach to every experience we create.  



We love.


Clients aren't buildings, places, logos, products or services. They are made up of people, the experiences that they share and the stories they create. 

We like to go above and beyond for our clients, not because we have to, but because we love to. Our enjoyment comes out of the vibrant, lively energy our events create.  

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